Glee: In politics, glee usually refers to a mode of behavior borne out of success and self-assuredness that inspires deep feelings of frustration, resentment and envy among its observers who, on account of their failure, for which they bear utmost responsibility, they cannot be gleeful.

(The) Goebbelsian: A type of anal eruption associated with being afflicted with the LePen Hemorrhoid.

(The) Golden Leek Award: An award given annually by the White House and the U.S. Congress to those public institutions, state and federal, that succeed in keeping their leaks below certain proposed and annually revised levels. The choice of a leek as the shape of the golden statue embodying the award comes as a reflection of the dry sense of humor of the American political elite.

(The) Grand Old Abe of Lincolnshire: See the Donald.

Guacamolia: See Whackamolia.

(The) Guardians of the HOHOR: One of the lesser known functions of the rulers of Saudi Arabia. See the Holy Heavenly Orb of Riyadh