(The) RasDugin: A Russian fairytale figure similar in some respects to Father Frost, except that he often appears dressed as a clown at national rallies commemorating the dying of innocence, reason and decency, where he gets to agitate the crowd with his popular refrain “Kill, Kill, Kill.”

Refugrants: A group of people made up of migrants and refugees. Or, people who were driven out from their homes and forced to become refugees in neighboring country, be it as a result of conflict or natural disasters, then, chose to migrate farther in search of better living conditions and a better future for their children.

Refugenics: A nonexistent field of scientific inquiry concerned with analyzing “refugees” both as a transformational socioeconomic and political development, and as a psychological phenomenon that leaves deep imprints on the lives of the people involved, their host communities as well as their original communities.

Example: Despite being a nonexistent field of scientific inquiry, the founders of Refugenics, aka refugenicists, hope that their findings could be used by all parties to the Migraint Crisis: the countries of origin as they struggle to find peace and rebuild their shattered infrastructure and sense of identity, the host countries in their efforts to integrate incoming refugees in a manner that is respectful of their humanity and potential, and the refugees themselves as they grapple with their new sociopolitical and cultural environments.  

(The) Rhodes Effect: A sharp turn in the public debate allowing a political establishment not interested in discussing the real issue to shift the ongoing debate allowing it to focus on some vacuous yet seemingly important revelations. In that sense, it is really no different than the better known Drumpf Effect, except for the latter’s penchant for the crass and dramatic.  

(The) Rhodes Treatment: Spinning a certain yarn in such a way that makes it clear to one’s audience how much of a fucking asshole one happens to be. The yarn itself is often badly spun, as spinning is not really the point. 

Rhodegious: An adjective that refers to the unhealthy appearance of the object being described. It’s often employed within a political context with special reference to someone’s ego. As such, a person said to have a Rhodegious ego is not one with whom we could expect to have a pleasant conversation. On a related note, it’s often observed that people with Rhodesian egos often have small hands.

Rhoid Rage: A phenomenon observed mostly among people whose best ideas seem to come out of their ass. It largely involves gathering in large groups and speaking shit to power, while defecating on oneself. Most populist politicians and many of their supporters seem to suffer from this condition that continues to defy analysis. 

(A) Russian Withdrawal: A sexual counter-reproduction practice endorsed by the Russian Orthodox Church as well as Russia’s perennially presumptive and presumptuous potentate, Vladimir Putin, that experts describe more as a redeployment than an actual withdrawal, which explains why it often fails to prevent pregnancy, or to make the sexual experience more often to those on the penetrated end of the not-so-delicate process.

(The) Ryan Shtick: A shitty thing that a shithead has to constantly do on behalf of so many cowardly shits in order to garner their continued support of his position despite his deeply shitty nature. Also known as the MitchMac Hack.

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