Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Kush-Cohn Surprise

(The) Kush-Cohn Surprise: A new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream concoction made with a deep sense of cynical commitment to the same old bullshit, slightly camouflaged, and intended to celebrate the budding nepotist in you. “Grab them by their…taste buds.” So runs its commercial slogan.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Whowhomism: A modern-day sex game inspired by Lenin’s famous kto-kogo and current political developments from around the world. The players, whose numbers can range from 2 to 12, are asked to draw cards from a bag representing world leaders, for example, such as Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Bashar Al-Assad, then, after a short political debate between the players, the audience gets to vote on who’s actually “doing” whom at this stage. The players will then have to act out the results of the vote, and can be as inventive as they want. The winner is the one voted best at the give-and-take of it all, so to speak.  

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The TrumpSisi

(The) TrumpSisi: A mythical sphinxlike creature with orange fur known for embarking on murderous rampages whenever he is reminded of his squirrel-sized brain and penis.

A Tifflock

(A) Tifflock: A pitiful excuse for a warlock. In political parlance, the term is often used to refer to an all-around shitty leader. The term was first coined by famed American author Noam Flancy in his critically-acclaimed debut novel The Hunt for the Orange Tifflock whose main plot centers on a nation-wide grassroots effort to rid a usually great nation of a demonstrably shitty leader. Spoiler Alert: The surprise ending will leave you conflicted. 

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