Whackamolia: A land that would have been considered mythical and fantastical had it not been all too real. It in effect overlays the known world imposing a new reality on it that allows for certain security threats to seem defeated in certain locations, only to emerge, almost simultaneously, elsewhere, where it metastasizes and fractures giving birth to new entities that will develop lives and minds of their own. Once all attention is shifted to them, the original threatening entity soon reemerges in its old habitats, even as it continues to spread elsewhere as well. One has to develop two, three, ten hands, and keep on developing hands, as it tries to whack this mole that keeps gnawing at its skin.

Not to be confused with Guacamolia – a new restaurant chain dedicated to celebrating the countless ways in which Guacamole can enchant the human pallet by fusing together different cuisines from the Far East to the rugged West. The chain will be launched once a certain author and activist wins the lottery, finds the right partners and learns how to cook.

(The) Whirling Ivan (AKA the Terrible Dervish): An American double agent that works for both Russia and Turkey.

White Ramadan: A mythical time of year when all things are fine; not perfect, fine. 

(The) Wily Faragers: The name given in the United Kingdom to the Bannonites, the religious sect founded by Bannon the Stiff.

Whowhomism: A modern-day sex game inspired by Lenin’s famous kto-kogo and current political developments from around the world. The players, whose numbers can range from 2 to 12, are asked to draw cards from a bag representing world leaders, for example, such as Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Bashar Al-Assad, then, after a short political debate between the players, the audience gets to vote on who’s actually “doing” whom at this stage. The players will then have to act out the results of the vote, and can be as inventive as they want. The winner is the one voted best at the give-and-take of it all, so to speak.  

Wrathmania: An annual competition that pits irrelevant and deranged autocrats against their favorite windmills.
(The) WrathPutin: A forever wannabe Czar that will never be Czar as he keeps mistaking thuggery for power, guile for wisdom and popular adulation for meaningful achievement.