Obama: (Oba + maaaa): A term derived from an ancient African dialect, now rarely spoken, which, according to some experts, means literally the Goat Keeper. Not to be confused with Obima meaning the Goat Herder. Other experts, however, think the implication is rather offensive and that the actual meaning cannot be determined with any accuracy on the basis of existing evidence. Be that at it may, in practice, the term was used to refer to a powerful yet continuously befuddled warlock who ends up losing every confrontation he ever has with his enemies on account of his pathological obsession with reflecting, for far too long, on the potential fallouts and costs of any possible action on his part employed to address a certain rising challenge, a practice that often gives his enemies time to engage in more actions that end up creating even more challenges that need to be met, further complicating the initial situation that was being pondered and, in the process, necessitating a reassessment of any conclusions that had already been reached or were close to being reached, in addition to engagement in even more reflections on the implications of the new developments and complications as well as all related fallouts and costs entailed by any action that could be taken to address them, be it separately or in tandem with the old challenge.

(The) Obama Doctrine: A policy that advocates pursuits of courses of action that minimize the immediate risks while maximizing the immediate rewards for oneself, and showing little attention as to the consequences for others, and even for one’s future self. The doctrine is based on the inherent assumption that since the arc of history seems to eventually bend towards justice, there is little reason why people should overthink the long-term consequences of their policies or their immediate impact on others.

Obviously: A political term used to hide drastic change in policy. For example: Mr. Kerry described the Syrian opposition's demand that Assad must leave as soon as peace talks begin as a "nonstarting position, obviously." Translation: Mr. Kerry admitted during the press conference that both he and the administration were indeed outmaneuvered by the Russians and Iranians in regard to the Syrian conflict, and that their earlier reluctance to intervene, coupled with their stupidity and downright amoral stands seem to have contributed greatly to the matter. Mr. Kerry also admitted that neither he nor the administration was ready to deal with the consequences, which is why they preferred to defer to Russia on this matter from now on, Russia even if this policy constituted another amoral stand.

Okaka: An old epithet thought to be French in origin. It is the epithet that is likely to be bestowed, eventually and quite inevitably considering the raw materials involved, upon the presumptive Republican presidential candidate running in the 2016 presidential elections.

Olidog: A particularly rabid, vicious and overambitious oligarch.

(The) Orange Horseman of the Apocalypse: See the Donald.

Orange Pete: A folk appellation given to the populist Dutch politician Geert Wilders on account of his unabashed admiration of U.S. president, Donald Trump, and many of his proposed policies. In other words, Orange Pete, very much like Black Pete, is another thing about the Dutch people and culture that reminds us that, as wonderful as they are, they are no less prone to serious fuckups than the rest of us.

(The) Order of the Orb: A secret Muslim society that has been running the United States since its birth. See the Holy Heavenly Orb of Riyadh.