Latakrimea and Tarturea: Taken together, they represent the equivalent of Valhalla in ancient Putinian mythology. The current Russian strongman Vladdie the Pu (AKA Vladdipus Rex. See Vladdipus) has long declared his belief that Latakrimea and Tarturea are not mythological places, and refer in fact to two ancient kingdoms that stretched from the Black Sea all the way to the easternmost coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. He has recently embarked on a major worldwide expedition in search of proof for his fantastical theory dismissed by all respected historians and archeologists.

(The) LeoCons: A political movement dedicated to changing the world and achieving global peace by conning lions and convincing them of the benefits of becoming sheep. Culling is also employed in the case of “difficult” and “hard to convince” lions. The LeoCons are ardent critics of the Shitealists.

(The) LePen: A type of external hemorrhoid known for its unusually large size and for being filled with a highly inflammable mixture of bile and blood resulting in a phenomenon known as anal eruptions during bowl movements. Doctors have so far classified the eruption types into four categories on the basis of their frequency, intensity and malodorousness, including: Evolian, Goebbelsian, Duginian and Breitbannonite. For reasons yet to be determined, the hemorrhoid seems to disproportionately afflict adherents of populist ideologies.

(The) Lenpentomimes: The name given in France to the Bannonites, the religious sect founded by Bannon the Stiff.