Special Terms

The Deliricon: A glossary of terms most suitable to describe the state of our current global malaise. Its terms should be part of our daily vocabulary until such time as our delirium was cured. 

The Delirica: The delirial equivalent of an op-ed. The word itself is a technically a plural of Deliricum, but it is usually used and treated as a singular.

The Deliricum: The singular form of the term Delirica, currently used by Deliriologists to point out a word or a statement in sentence that has particular delirial connotations. For instance: “In a recent address to his fellow Republican presidential candidates, Mr. Trump appealed to reason asking them all to refrain from hate speech.” The word “reason” in this context is an example of a Deliricum.

The Delirindex: A growing list of groups and organizations that embody the delirial potential in this world.

The Delirynth: A rundown of various delirial developments.