Valtheon (Valhalla + Pantheon): A pantheon for figures who inspire delirium and delireaslim. 

The Vegan Revenge: A type of weed made of the sundried shit of vegans who had too much weed before they shat.

Vladali and Pukha: Russo-Persian drinks made of the fermented quintessence of shit, self-righteous lies, and illusions of grandeur. Pukha is often consumed during a morning ritual that features a number of executions followed by public bridal showers for the spouses of the executed who are believed to have regained their virginity and could now be pounced upon by the nearest relative. Vladali, on the other hand, is consumed before going to sleep as it is known for enabling sleepers to remember every gory detail of their ghoulish dreams of endless blood-fests and virgin-sacrifices upon waking up.

Vladdipus (AKA Platyputin): A semi-aquatic creature known to inhabit the Moskva River and its environs, with a special fondness for the Kremlin’s hallways where he is known to roam at night howling at the invisible moon of his despair. The Vladdipus lives by feeding on fear and hesitation and defecating empty promises of grandeur. He is also known to go ballistic whenever his own schemes backfire on him.