(The) Deep State: While political scientists use this term to refer to the phenomenon of having a “state within a state,” deliriologists more often use it to refer to the inherent shittiness that plagues the minds of those often invoking the term, especially when they do so in defense of some wild accusations made by a narcissistic leader. For example: the brains of some Trump supporters are in such a “deep state” they actually believe most of things he says. To be put it in simpler terms, a deep state is a state of affairs perceived only by people whose brains are in deep shit.

Delirealism: A religio-political philosophy based on the contention that when people believe in their delusions with all their hearts they will eventually succeed in transforming them into actual realities, in a process known as Delireal Transubstantiation.

Delireal Transubstantiation: See Delirealism.

Dikafwellian (Dickensian/Kafkaesque/Orwellian): An adjective used to aptly describe modern realities. But although the term itself is accurate, the intellectual credentials of its inventors and potential users remain subject to further scrutiny.

(The) Dirty Putin: An alcoholic beverage consisting of pure Russian Vodka mixed with congealed bovine blood and served in a cup that usually contains an aged cow's eye. Naturally, the blood and the eyes are meant to represent one's enemies. The current Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, is said to have invented and popularized the drink, hence its name, and that he, in fact, consumes it using the blood and eyes of actual Russian dissidents. But no one had so far been able to confirm that last bit before accidentally getting defenestrated from a high floor. 

(The) Donald (AKA the Orange Horseman of the Apocalypse): An apocalyptic creature whose emergence on the American political scene has long been foretold by none other than the great Republican Wizard himself, the Grand Old Abe of Lincolnshire, shortly before his assassination by a member of the Continuously Disillusioned Morons Who Believe They Actually Stand For Something. Indeed, Republican Lore informs us that, in a brief address to a small crowd of drowsy and drooling acolytes who gathered just outside the Drumph Theater, where the unfortunate assassination took place, the Grand Abe reportedly said: “The Prophets before me have warned you of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but today I wish to warn you of the coming of a fifth one: The Donald. Ye will know him from the fake orange fur hat that he will wear on his head and from his nauseatingly foul breath. He will emerge as the personification of your collective wet dreams and those locker rooms macho bullshittery in which ye will continue to partake over the decades thinking it makes ye look cool, and when he implodes, as he eventually will, ye will scurry in all directions like rats after the pied piper has stopped playing his flute. But ye will only find refuge in a kingdom slightly to your left governed by a benign wench who will give ye shelter and a measure of rest although she thinks that most of ye are deplorable.”

(The) Donald J Trump Disease (DTD): See Twitterrhea.

Dosdikafwellian (Dostoyevskyesque/Dickensian/Kafkaesque/Orwellian): A synonym of the term Dikafwellian often used by more pretentious intellectual wannabe types. Hence, it’s far more common.

Drivolution: The utter stupidities that people who claim to be revolutionaries tend to utter.

Drivelutionaries: The ones often found speaking on behalf of revolutions in every forum around the world, except in the place where the actual revolution is happening. The “contributions” of the drivelutionaries to the revolution are often too marginal to be mentioned, unless, of course, one takes the negative connotation of the term “contribution.” In this case, some drivelutionaries could be credited with certain disastrous developments, but most remain too insignificant to count even in this negative light.

(The) Drumph Theater: See the Donald.

Druncula: A smug and vicious tyrant going through a particularly repressive and bloody period in his rule, and relishing every bit of it.

(The) Duginian: A type of anal eruption associated with being afflicted with the LePen Hemorrhoid.

(The) Dutch Thing: Doing the Dutch thing has recently become a synonym for doing the right and decent thing, like not rewarding a racist with a high government position despite increasing populist pressures. The saying entered popular Western discourse soon after a large majority of Dutch electors voted in favor of castrating the folk figure known as Orange Pete. Observers of Dutch politics hope that people there will soon decide to assign the other controversial Dutch folk figure known as Black Pete to the same dustbin of history seeing that the two Petes tend to play on the same racist sentiments.