(The) Echo Chamber: A political synonym for a vacuous mind and/or conscience.

E-Colisming (AKA Rabid-Dogging): Dehumanizing a specific set of people through the use of derogatory imagery in service of a particular ideological agenda and certain parochial interests such as desire to win an election.

Erdoban: A draft UN resolution calling for an international ban on substances known to stimulate the Erdogland (See Below) leading to the production of Erdobones (See Below). Pukha and Vladali (See Under P & V) are also among the substances known to aid in the production of Erdobones (See Below). Russia, Turkey, Iran and China are among the many states opposing the ban on cultural grounds.

Erdobones: Hormones produced by the Erdogland (See below) known to cause bouts of bullshittery and megalomaniac rants and actions in the afflicted. 

Erdogland: A small gland located in the human brain just behind the temporal lobe. In the overwhelming majority of humans, it’s known to have absolutely no function. But in rare instances it was observed to produce the special hormones known as Erdobones. 

(The) Evolian: A type of anal eruption associated with being afflicted with the LePen Hemorrhoid.