Idvisers: Experts who, operating under the influence of their overblown Ids, give stupid advice for a living.

Imbeachment: The term used by people who like peaches to refer to “impeachment.” In a manner of speaking, this would be the political equivalent of beaching the whales, but where people are expected to empathize more with the beaches than the whales.

Indigenous Imperialism: According to the famous and controversial deliriologist, Delirian Mundi, Indigenous Imperialism is the phenomenon whereby smaller less powerful states attempt to cannibalize each other, or at least prey on each other’s weaknesses, in an attempt to grow stronger and become more relevant to developments on the global stage, where, according to Dr. Mundi, “the ability to deploy brute military force remains a requirement, in addition to economic and human development, for membership in the elitist and exclusive Club of Powerful Nations. The fact that economic prowess and human development are considered required criteria as well seems to have been overlooked by some small states in their search for relevance and glory.”   

(The) International Left: A consortium of useful idiots from different professional and ethnic backgrounds who, wittingly and/or unwittingly, dedicate their otherwise empty lives to serving the imperial designs of various autocracies from around the world in the name of peace.

(An) Island In The Pacific: An all too real place where ordinary people who insist on justly exercising their constitutional powers manage to prevent assholes from abusing theirs – a crime for which they are belittled by the latter, and their minions, and treated as though they have no names and hail from places that have no name. Their name is Decent People, and they come from Real Places.