Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Conway-Spicer Conundrum

(The) Conway-Spicer Conundrum: A contemporary variant on the ancient puzzle that continues to befuddle political scientists, sociologists and journalists, namely: how can one best deal with chronic shameless bullshitters? The new variant is distinguished by the fact that contemporary bullshitters seem to reflect an even greater resiliency to objective facts and rational analysis making confrontation with them completely unpalatable as well as an exercise in futility. Another aspect of the new variant is the marked ability of the new bullshitters to go about their task even without having to say a word sometimes, having succeeded in hypnotizing many in their audience into bullshitting themselves. An example of this telebullshitting phenomenon is the recently deployed Kellyanne Pose, a brief action that involves doing something seemingly irreverential and thoughtless but within the confines of a publicly hollowed space, then, thanks to the Twitterverse, what could have been seen as a simple innocuous action becomes a full-blown controversy, one that helps distract attention from the general fuckupness of certain policies and facts, if only momentarily and until a new Kellyanne Pose is struck. There is currently no consensus on how to best confront the contemporary bullshitters, but recent experiences have amply demonstrated that rolling one’s eyes and trying to mentally project oneself into an alternative moment in space-time has not only failed as an approach, but seems to have actually achieved the opposite effect, namely that of empowering the bullshitters. 

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