Sunday, April 30, 2017


Merdocracy: According to the French philosopher, Voltaire, Merdocratie or Merdocracy is the natural and permanent state of affairs in which humanity finds herself and which he characterized as “nasty, brutish and far too long.” It’s no surprise, then, that Voltaire was an early advocate of assisted suicide, as well as all kinds of suicide. And birth control. And abortion, even late term. But he embraced life, once it was dragged out of the womb, kicking and screaming, wishing to be put back, sensing the merde storm about to hit it. Voltaire believed that, once we are born, we are all entitled to face the shit to come on our own terms. Or, as he cryptically put it: “Nous avons tous droit à notre propre merde.” Translation: “We are all entitled to our own shit.”  

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