Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Trail of Dead Russians

(The) Trail of Dead Russians: A famous Russian theme park believed to have been founded by Ivan the Terrible. The park was expanded during the reign of Stalin and was recently renovated by Vladimir Putin. The park is meant to celebrate and reinforce the values of stability and security by showing the visitors the fate of all those who sought to rock the boat throughout Russian history, irrespective of whether they did it voluntarily and for the sake of some deep-seated aspiration for justice and freedom, or having been instructed to do so.  Foreign visitors to the park often get diagnosed with PTSD within hours of their visit. Others seem to be immune and have led perfectly abnormal lives despite repeated visits. Current American President, Donald J Trump, is known to be one of those visitors. Recently, French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen seems to have joined this exclusive club as well as she was taken on a quick tour of the park with President Putin acting as her guide. Mrs. Le Pen seems to be as perfectly abnormal upon her return to Paris as she was known to be before the visit. 

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