Saturday, March 4, 2017


Sebgorkalogy: An academic nondiscipline that focuses on digging up ancient grievances lingering in the backgrounds of one’s unconscious then projecting them onto one’s analysis of contemporary realities leading to such farcical conclusions as: Radical Islamic Terrorism poses a serious and existential threat to Western civilization. The conclusion is farcical of its failure to explain how terrorists operating in small cells and groups armed with improvised weapons or weapons purchased on the black market and who come from mostly underdeveloped countries, often from failing states, or from marginalized classes within western societies that represent a small fraction of their overall population can actually pose an existential threat to the richest most developed countries on earth protected as they are by the most powerful and advanced armies and most sophisticated law enforcement agencies in the world. Sebgorkalogy texts are considered holy by the Bannonites who use them to rationalize their inherently shitty attitude towards Muslims and others. Indeed, Sebgorkalogists are considered to be a subsect of the Bannonites and, like them, they maintain a strict diet of shit and hot air. The founder of Sebgorkalogy, Seb the Ass, is known to be one of Bannon the Stiff’s close disciples. Temples dedicated to the study of Sebgorkalogy are known as Sebtic Tanks.

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